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The mission of the Check Your Skin campaign is to increase awareness of melanoma, encourage the practice of monthly self-skin examinations and increase the detection of early melanomas.  The Check Your Skin home page is a service provided by the volunteers of the campaign.  Please understand that the information provided is a mere introduction to the subject of skin cancer, and more specifically, melanoma.

The Check Your Skin campaign encourages members of the community to seek out answers to questions that have yet to be answered.  Increasing one's knowledge base is the foundation of a more informed understanding of melanoma, and other disease processes.

The following is a list of websites that are also dedicated to the fight against cancer and the understanding that knowledge is power.  The Check Your Skin campaign encourages YOU to empower yourself by visiting any or all of the following sites.

The American Cancer Society The Skin Cancer Foundation The American Academy of Dermatology

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